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Learning support

Students learn in different ways and with different styles

Our staff is well-versed in serving students with diverse learning styles and providing enrichment and remediation for learning differences as necessary. They come with years of experience in teaching in school communities with diverse learners.

Our instructional model requires that teachers scaffold lessons and assignments based on grade and developmental abilities. To that end, our staff uses research-based practices proven to meet the needs of diverse populations, including:

  • Before-learning strategies, such as activating prior knowledge and assessment of pre-skills
  • Attention to sequencing of information,
  • Assessing the need for direct instruction and need for enrichment; direct instruction of learning strategies
  • Use of graphic organizers and study guides.

learning support at the bridge way schoolWhen a student’s academic performance falls below 70% on assessment measures or when a student’s academic need is apparent at point of admission, the student receives the first tier of intervention our school offers: weekly one-on-one tutoring in the specific content or skill area.

If the student does not respond to this level of intervention, a more intensive, second tier strategy is designed. This second tier of intervention may include increasing number of weekly tutoring sessions or implementation of specific remediation program. A third tier of intervention involves a strategy designed in conjunction with learning specialist, teacher, head of school, and any other relevant staff, to create a balance of remediation and curricular accommodations.