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Health and PE

health and physical education

These subject areas at The Bridge Way School are especially important to our curriculum as these relate to making healthy life-decisions as part of a commitment to recovery.

Health literacy includes an understanding of how the body functions as well as behaviors and decisions that affect one’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

As individuals and in group meetings, students explore topics such as brain development, peer pressure, and the triggers that can incite use.

health and physical education

Research shows that recovery from substance abuse/addiction is often enhanced by frequent opportunities for physical exercise. Students participate daily in formal physical education classes, which help students acquire skills, fitness, knowledge and attitudes that contribute to optimal development and well-being.

Additionally, there are opportunities in other classes (e.g. science, English, music and art) for physical expression, as well as times throughout the day for informal exercise (e.g. basketball before school and after lunch).