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Creative Writing

This course focuses on writing as an art form. Poetry, short fiction, play writing and non-fiction are the four major genres of creative writing featured in this curriculum, although additional forms may be added at the discretion of the teacher and the interest of the class.

Language and Movement of the Stage

Students explore a variety of ancient and modern dramas within the context of their theatrical, historical and cultural contexts. In addition to studying the language of the plays, students learn and do stage blocking, costuming, direction and characterization.

Drawing and Painting

Students focus on drawing from several perspectives: from the observed and structural to the expressive and conceptual. A variety of media are used by students to then create drawings that demonstrate their understanding of these aspects. Painting follows as a natural outgrowth of the drawing experience, exploring direct and indirect painting methods. While focusing primarily on traditional subjects such as the figure, landscape and still life, students are also encouraged to explore their own styles and subjects.

Visual Communication

Effective visual communication is an essential skill needed in the 21st century – on websites, in the creation of graphics to accompany oral presentations, with the use of social media. In this class, students investigate color as it can be used emotionally and psychologically towards practical and poetic ends. They also study layout and design with representational, abstract and typographical form. Students are challenged to think creatively using contemporary and traditional tools and methods.

20th Century Music

Students listen to and discuss different genres of twentieth century music with an emphasis on the relationship music has as an art form for man and society. Instruction reinforces concepts learned in the Foundation of Music class by focusing on the basic elements of music, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, structure and form. A variety of compositions from the last century, including pieces by composers such as Gershwin and Ives, jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, hip-hop and rap will be heard and discussed. In addition, students will be exposed to some non-Western musical traditions such as the music of China, India, Africa and South America.

Please note, not all electives are offered every semester.