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Mission & philosophy

bridge way school path of recovery

The mission of The Bridge Way School is to offer a strong academic program to students in grades 9–12 who are in recovery from substance abuse and/or addiction that allows them to focus on learning in an environment in which sobriety is required and supported. We believe that a sober school that incorporates 12-step principles is a key component on the continuum of treatment and recovery management.

While the paramount objective of The Bridge Way School is to provide a meaningful and challenging educational program, we recognize that our students need time during the school day to develop tools and strategies for maintaining sobriety. These combined objectives will help our students succeed on the life-long road to recovery as they continue to live, work, and play in their communities.

Finally, The Bridge Way School strives to empower students to continue their road to recovery beyond their attendance at our school as they continue onto another secondary school, college, or career.

Please consider helping improve the chances that a teen who is committed to staying sober can be successful as he or she finishes school and begins the journey into adulthood.

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